"Honesty and courage are the two human traits I admire most of all and I think Peter has both in the writing of his poems. He reached my heart and its a pretty well guarded one after seventy years on planet earth. We've got some world class poets in this country and Peter has gradually established himself as one of them. I would recommend his books to anybody."
Eric Bogle, Singer/Songwriter  21/1/2015

"One of the most powerful guest speakers we have ever had in the short history of our club, Peter Langston a local Poet, Writer, Photographer and Designer, gave us a brief run through on Bi-Polar disease and some of the common misconceptions. Through a brief but frank portrayal of Peter's own experience with his Bipolar disease, his descent into life threatening experience, diagnosis and the struggle to find the right mix of medication and help to get his life back to a manageable state, he covered the most common issues and some strategies that we can use to help."
Brian Singh, Tamworth Sunrise Rotary 26/5/2012

"It was the first time I've had live poetry on air and it left me unable to speak. The eyes welled, the breathing was gulped and I had no words to express how beautiful, intimate and devastating Peter's words were." 
Kelly Fuller, ABC Morning Show Presenter, ABC New England North West 27/5/2012