Other Writing

Peter maintains a writing presence in the public arena which exemplifies his diverse interests. Of course, cricket lovers may catch him any day of a Test match with thoughts and reports on his longest running website, thecricketragics .

Keenly concerned for the environment and knowing the importance of robust public rebate, Peter is a regular contributor to regional newspapers through their letters pages. He also writes longer opinion pieces and has written feature articles in the past. A keen art and theatre goer, he has also written reviews of local and international acts.

Peter maintains a travel blog Travels With Pete & Sue during the many times each year he is on the road.

If you have words that need writing, you could come to no better instrument of the English language. For more than thirty years Peter Langston has been sharing his thoughts publicity in trade and regional papers across NSW, always with his trademark candour and honesty. As brown has turned to grey and then silver, he has even mastered tact but only as a last resort.