Black Dog Institute
It seemed only logical that Peter should combine his teaching talents with his experiences of bipolar disorder toward a constructive end. Having delivered several presentations of his own design to Rotary clubs in Tamworth and Penrith, he was happy to accept the invitation to be formally trained by the Black Dog Institute. 

Following a two day training course in Brisbane during mid 2013, Peter delivered presentations to schools, community groups and doctors over the next four years. Whether it be the targeted "Navigating Teenage Depression" or the more general presentation,"Breaking Down Depression and Building Resilience" which explores mood disorders, he bought his own experience of living with bipolar, both before and after diagnosis, to the presentations. This gave them a great deal of intimacy and relevancy, something which attendees have remarked on.

Each of the presentations addressed the important and recognisable elements of mood disorders, the relevant physiology and the consequences of the disorders remaining untreated. Advice for carers, friends and workmates on how to support someone with a mood disorder gave attendees much in the way of meat to take home.

The final section of the presentations was about resilience - the role it plays in wellness and how to develop it.

Even thought Peter no longer does this work, there are many others who do, so you should consider contacting The Black Dog Institute to organise to host a presentation.

Presentations take about an hour and this includes time for questions. The Black Dog Institute provides booklets and information for those who attend and meets the cost of transport and accommodation for Peter to present. Their is a small administrative cost which hosts need to negotiate with the Black Dog Institute. The presenter, as a volunteer, receives no payment.

If you would like more information follow the link to The Black Dog Institute or submit an application through the online booking form.

Peter is proud to support beyondblue in their efforts to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia and to reduce the associated stigma.

The beyondblue vision is an Australian community that understands anxiety and depression, empowers people to seek help, and supports recovery, management and resilience.

beyondblue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation and works across a range of settings and brings together expertise in order to provide information and programs to support those affected by anxiety and depression, and improve the mental health of every person in Australia.

Learn more about anxiety and depression, or talk it through with their support service.